ACTS 2017

ACTS 2017

Each summer since 2011, PWAMM has held a discipleship school, designed to equip and strengthen young people as followers of Jesus Christ in our modern world. The ACTS Discipleship course for 2017 begins today, Tuesday 4th July, with 10 full-time students signed up for the next two months. They will be spending three days each week studying the Scriptures, and two days each week in a variety of PWAMM departments.

The time in the classroom is not designed to be purely academic in nature. The intention is that the students develop their relationship with God and be strengthened in their faith. A number of different Bible teachers are involved in the programme, including a retired Baptist minister and a Christian counsellor, as well as leaders from within the PWAMM ministry.

Some of the topics being covered are:
How to Study the Bible, Jesus’ Resurrection, Discipleship, Knowing God’s Will, End Times, Forgiveness, Relationships, Money, The Holy Spirit, Spiritual Warfare and Faith.

All of the year’s students are from South Korea. Although their English is relatively good, lectures on theological subjects can be difficult for them to understand. So one of the students will be on hand to simultaneously translate the teaching into Korean, whispering into a microphone while the Korean students listen to her on earpieces – a bit like the United Nations!

One aspect of the school is to allow the students to experience some of Scotland’s culture and history. This includes trips to St Andrews and Edinburgh, where they will learn about Scotland’s rich Christian heritage.