Burning Issues Drama: Dreaming Big

Burning Issues Drama: Dreaming Big

Burning Issues are currently in preparation for their latest full-length production, “The Dream” by American playwright Robert Alan Ward. The play is an historical piece set in 1st Century Judea which centres around Lady Procula, the wife of Pontius Pilate, as those within her husband’s sphere of influence consider what to do about a particular Jewish teacher from Galilee .

“The Dream” will be Burning Issues fourth feature-length production in 5 years. Their first feature-length production was another historical piece, “Killing Time” back in 2009. Since then they have sought God for bigger, better and more creative ways to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Back in November 2013, they performed “Life & Death Matters”, and have since sought to air a new production every year since. “Fairy Tale: The Ever After” was their most ambitious project, performed to great acclaim in 2015, followed by rip-roaring comedy  “Exit Smiling” in 2016.

There are many people who won’t come to a Church service, but will happily come along to a theatrical performance. The desire of the drama team is to produce high quality amateur drama that points people to Christ, while working with a limited budget and rehearsal schedule. God has been very good and enabled them to achieve their goals, receiving outstanding reviews, to the glory of God.

As of writing, costumes are being prepared, lines are being learned, and stage sets are getting made. We hope and pray that people will be not just moved and entertained, but also challenged to consider the claims of Jesus Christ, and what it means for them.

Performances will be on March 31st and April 1st at the National Christian Outreach Centre at 7.30pm. Tickets can be purchased from the Mustard Seed Book Shop.