Burning Issues prepare to be “Not of This World”

Burning Issues prepare to be “Not of This World”

In March, Burning Issues are returning to the stage, performing the UK premiere of a play by award-winning playwright Sandy Boikian.

This play is called ‘Not Of This World’. The central character is Jamie, a naive young woman who is secretly in love with her boss, Vince, who happens to be a Christian. Jamie’s free-spirited friend, Shelby, convinces Jamie to hire a psychic to “make” Vince fall in love with her.

By engaging with the occult, Jamie unwittingly gains a demon companion named Rake.  While the audience can see him, Jamie cannot. She only hears his voice, believing his words to be her own thoughts.

Rake’s demon comrades, Jealousy and Self-Pity, soon arrive to assist Rake with his assignment to bring Jamie and Vince to ruin.  If Rake succeeds, he will be promoted in the Underearth. But if he fails, he knows there will be hell to pay.

So basically it’s a romantic comedy. With demons.

This event provides a great opportunity to invite family and friends to a top quality evening’s entertainment with a non-threatening evangelistic theme.