On Friday evening we had the pleasure of hosting Dominic Statham of Creation Ministries for a special presentation on creationism in a scientific age. Dominic is a Chartered Engineer and graduate of Loughborough University in the UK. As an employee of Rolls Royce, he worked on projects for the Panavia Tornado and Eurofighter Typhoon and, as an employee of GKN, engineering drivelines for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. He is a speaker and writer for CMI-UK/Europe and the author of ‘Evolution: Good Science? Exposing the ideological nature of Darwin’s theory’ and co-author of ‘Inspiration from Creation: How engineers are copying God’s designs.’

Dominic gave a clear, concise and intelligent talk, highlighting the strengths of the creationist position and weaknesses of the secular worldview. One point that was particularly interesting was the fact that different experts cannot agree how king Tutankhamen died. They all had the same evidence, but came to different conclusions. The lesson was that we may have the same evidence, but can interpret it differently. He made the point that the battle isn’t about science vs faith, but rather about one faith vs another faith.

Dominic was straightforward in stating that his authority is ultimately God’s Word, and by using the biblical account of creation we can make sense of all the evidence around us regarding fossils, dinosaurs etc. The message that rang out loud and clear was that God’s Word can be trusted.