March Outreach Dinner: Simple Faith

March Outreach Dinner: <i>Simple Faith</i>

The special guests for March’s Outreach Dinner were Gospel music group Simple Faith from Northern Ireland. The group, now down to a duo, have been with us a number of times over the last couple of years, so it was great to have them back again. The goal of Simple Faith simple – point people to Jesus and communicate the message of the Gospel through their music.

The guys are gifted singers with their own style, with JB’s very low bass being especially notable. They sang a number of songs throughout the evening, while also sharing in between a few of the songs about their faith in Christ, and the need for people to come to Jesus.

There was a wonderful atmosphere of worship as the guys sought to praise the name of Jesus and lead people to Him as Lord and Saviour. They accomplished their goal in that Jesus Christ was very clearly presented as the only way to God.