Over 120 people from all over Scotland (and a few from further afield) came together for three days last week to study God’s Word together. For over 25 years PWAMM has organised a New Year Bible School, ensuring that the focus in the New Year is upon the Lord and what He is saying. This year’s Bible School ran from Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th January, with guest Bible teacher Roy Leith from Northern Ireland. The theme for the school was “Salvation – More Than Forgiveness”. The general premise was that forgiveness of sins is only the beginning of God’s “so great a salvation”. Throughout the week Roy led nine sessions of solid Scriptural teaching.

The first session was particularly powerful, with Roy laying the foundation for the rest of the Bible School. He asserted that many Christians live with a false mindset of what salvation really is, and this limits their development as disciples of Christ. He set out to redress this situation by laying in the truths of who we are in Christ. A simple study of Scriptures containing the phrase ‘in Christ’ clearly and powerfully raises faith and expectation of our place as believers.

It would be accurate to say that in the first session that we were given enough Scripture to keep us going for many weeks. Other subjects that Roy taught included: Regeneration, Redemption and Relationship.

As part of the in-depth teaching on redemption, Roy conducted a Bible study on the book of Ruth, with particular emphasis on the role of Boaz as kinsman-redeemer.

The session called “Release” was more practical in nature, where Roy took us to Luke 4, where Jesus declares that He came to set at liberty those who are bruised. He touched on three areas where we can be bruised in our lives, and that Jesus has come to give freedom from it all – guilt, resentment and approval seeking.

It was a truly blessed time being in God’s Word, with a new understanding and appreciation for what God has done for us in Christ. By the end of the Bible School it was clear to see that salvation really is more than forgiveness. Much more.