New Year Bible School: The New Covenant

New Year Bible School: The New Covenant

Over 120 people attended the 2017 New Year Bible School this week. Pastors Nick Cassidy and Hamp Sirmans from Cork Church in Ireland have been our guest Bible teachers over the past three days. “A New and Better Covenant” was the main subject, and Nick and Hamp did a superb job to giving us a deeper understanding.

PWAMM as a ministry and fellowship have historical roots with the doctrine of God’s everlasting covenant, going back to the Lewis revival in the 50’s, meaning that many were on familiar territory. However, even those with great knowledge and revelation could receive more understanding of this important truth.

Nick has been pastoring Cork Church in Ireland for the past 25 years. His revelation of the New Covenant began over a decade ago, when he was greatly influenced by David Wilkerson, who became a personal friend.

To begin with we were taken back to Genesis, where God lays out the foundation of the Gospel. We were shown the succession of Covenant’s revealed in the Bible, which God used to relate to humanity. Nick and Hamp taught us that the New Covenant is God’s plan of salvation for mankind.

The fundamental truth we received was that God deals with His people through the New Covenant. Every believer in Jesus has a guarantee of God performing every promise He has made because of the oath He made to His Son.

We have been blessed to see that we don’t have to work to earn God’s favour, but that Jesus has done everything needed to bring us to God and make us “accepted in the beloved”. All we need to do now is rest in what God says and believe it.