The guest speaker for the November Outreach Dinner on Monday 6th was Samuel McKibben from Inverness. Samuel has been a Christian for over 70, and a pastor for over 50, giving him a lot of experience. Using the parable of the Prodigal Son, he painted a picture of God the Father as a loving, gracious, forgiving Father who is always ready to welcome home His wayward children. Once his child returns home, God gives them new shoes, symbolising freedom from slavery, new robes, symbolising right standing with God, and a ring, symbolizing authority.

Samuel gave a number of examples of how he has used this authority in his own life, with miraculous results. He has written a book, The God of the Miraculous, detailing many of the accounts of God’s miracles that he has seen throughout his life.

A number of people made a response to the Gospel at the end of the evening.