Using fun, high energy puppet shows with catchy songs to communicate the Gospel to kids and adults


Puppets With A Mission use recognisable modern tunes with the lyrics adapted to communicate the Gospel. Obviously, children love watching puppets – as do many adults, though they may not admit it. At events such as Highland Games, the puppet team quickly attract a large crowd with the catchy music and the lively, engaging characters.


As well as performing, there is a kids puppet ‘club’. The puppets were so popular that many children expressed an interest in learning about puppetry, so once a month some of the adult team share their skills in teaching the children how to develop their puppet technique.


Many kids from non-church backgrounds are involved. They put together a programme and arrange events for friends and family to come. These popular shows not only showcase the skills that the kids have learned, but both the children and their families hear something of the love of God through the songs and stories that “the puppets” tell.

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