Monday evening was the November Outreach Dinner with Archy and Liz MacMillan as guest speakers. Archy began with a song, which declared the truth that to see the Kingdom of God, we “must be born-again”. Afterward Liz shared her story.

She grew up in Scotland, but while visiting London in her late teens met a man from Zimbabwe, who eventually became her husband. They moved to Zimbabwe and had three children. Liz began attending church and eventually became a Christian. She began praying for the salvation of her husband, and he too eventually became a Christian.

Throughout their life in Zimbabwe they knew God’s protection and provision, especially in times of civil war. When they moved back to Scotland they had virtually no money. Their faith in God to provide their needs was tested as her husband Morris enrolled in Bible College, but without any money for the funds. Over a short period of time, God directed them to a number of Trusts, and all the finances were provided, with one even agreeing to pay the full three years.

God used them in mission work, sending them back to Africa, and speaking in churches around the world. However, Morris became ill, and was diagnosed with cancer, eventually dying. Again, Liz knew God’s faithfulness in providing their need as the funds for funeral costs came in from a number of different people.

Liz since remarried, after meeting Archy MacMillan, and the have been together for many years now. Through the years Liz has known God faithfulness in times of difficulty and need, light and darkness, joy and sadness. Her story is encapsulated in the Scripture she read at the start of her story – “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding”.

Archy closed the meeting by sharing the Gospel message, that Jesus Christ died to take the punishment for our sins, and that we must believe in Him to be saved. A number of people responded after the meeting.