This past Monday was the February Outreach Dinner with Alan McBride from Motherwell, with over 120 people attending. Alan grew up in Motherwell with his mother and brothers. He spoke of his very troubled upbringing of regular violence, drink and drugs. As a result, he became very anxious about life. Once he started attending secondary school, he stopped doing well in school because of the pressure of home life. Growing up as a young man he became involved in drugs and crime, and was eventually involved in the death of a man with whom he had had a long standing feud with. Alan was worried that he would get a life sentence, and so began praying about it. In what he saw as an answer to prayer, he convicted for culpable homicide, being given nine years.

Whilst in prison he began attending Christian meetings, where he heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He began reading and studying God’s Word. Alan now serves God with all his heart, going around the nation telling people of the love of Jesus Christ and how it changes a persons life. A number of people were prayed for at the end of the meeting.