Our March Outreach Dinner meeting was on Monday, with Jim Crooks, pastor of Tayside Christian Fellowship, as the guest speaker. Over 120 people attended the dinner. Jim began with the Bible verse “for me to live is Christ”. He knows what it’s like to go through dark seasons of life, and knows the truth of this verse. Being brought up in a godly Christian home, his dad would take him and his siblings on visits to the cemetery, which gave him a good understanding of the brevity of life. When Jim was 13, this would hit him hard when his elder brother died in a car accident aged 24.

Jim became principal of Elmswood College in Cupar, and worked in this position for almost 30 years. In 2012 his wife Elspeth died of cancer. After Elspeth died he prayed, telling God that he would do whatever He wanted him to do, and wouldn’t say no. At that moment he received a phone call from a missionary organization inviting him to join them, and so he began working with them.

Throughout the dark times, he knew that the one constant in his life is the presence of Jesus. No matter who left his life, Jesus never would. He began hearing that a church in Perth was looking for a pastor, but never considered that he would be the man for the job. He eventually  followed God’s lead and has been the pastor of Tayside Christian Fellowship for the past few years.

Jim’s story is one of a constant hope in all seasons of life – the presence of his greatest friend, Jesus Christ. A number of people expressed an interest in following Jesus Christ at the end of the meeting, with many being prayed for.