PWAMM’s annual “New Year Bible School” began on Monday 7th January with the subject “Intimacy with The Holy Spirit”. Over 100 people attended the three days of the Bible School, enjoying fellowship and teaching from God’s Word. Stephen Briggs, director of Hatikvah Films, travelled up from England to be the guest Bible teacher.

Each day consisted of three sessions, with a lunch break in between sessions 2 and 3. The subjects that were covered were “The work of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament”, “The promise of the Father”“The Person of the Holy Spirit”, “The Gifts of the Holy Spirit”, “The Senses of the Holy Spirit”, among others. Before Stephen got into the teaching on Monday morning he exhorted us to have ear to “hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches”.

A fascinating point was the parallel between the servant of Abraham in Genesis 24 and the work of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life. The servant is sent by Abraham, who is a picture God the Father, to find a wife for Issac, a picture of Jesus, and he gives gifts to Rebekah, preparing her for the role of bride. Stephen likened this to the hidden work of the Holy Spirit in a believers life as He changes our character and gifts us with what we need to become part of the Bride of Christ.

After the Bible School we were left in no doubt that the Holy Spirit is a Person who can see, hear and speak, and that the importance of the Him in the lives of believers cannot be underestimated.