This past week the Challenger Bus was in the community of Point on the Isle of Lewis. Arriving on Saturday evening, the team quickly settled in. From the Monday evening they worked alongside local congregations to take the Gospel to the local community. For four evenings the kids club was held, with an average of 60+ kids attending. The theme of the club was “Finders of the Hidden Truth”.

In the story three kids end up stranded on an island, and along the way discover four different symbols, each one symbolising an aspect of the Gospel. On the Friday evening an awards ceremony was held for all kids who attended through the week, with parents and relatives of the kids being invited along. Well over 100 people packed into the local school hall to hear the kids sing songs they had learned, and to receive their award for attending the club.

It was a good week, and we pray that God will bless the local church in Point as they continue the work of sharing the Gospel.