Challenger Bus on the Isle of Skye

Challenger Bus on the Isle of Skye

The Challenger teams have just completed two weeks of mission on the Isle of Skye.

Week One
Due to a number of mechanical problems, the bus took almost 12 hours to travel to Skye! However, the team eventually made it safe and sound, ready to start work the next day. The team were based in Dunvegan for the first week of the mission, working alongside local congregations. Throughout the day they were busy with the Challenger Education programme in schools around Skye, while in the evenings “Search for the SuperHero” kids club was held on the bus for primary aged children. A few local children came along, with the week ending on the Friday with an Awards Ceremony held on the bus outside the Free Church.

Week Two
The next team were based in Portree, again working alongside local congregations. They were busy throughout the day with the Challenger Education programme in schools, with the “Back to your Future” kids club on the bus in the evenings. A number of local kids came along to the club.

There were some good times of fellowship with local Christians, and the team were very appreciative of the food and hospitality provided by the Skye Bible Church. It is always good to see Christians built up and encouraged in the work of taking the Gospel message to their community.

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