Our May Outreach Fellowship Dinner was with Guy Walker from Dundee. Guy is passionate about following Jesus Christ and shared his personal story of coming to faith in Christ. Growing up in Arbroath, life became difficult after his parents divorced and he went into a life of drinking and parties. At 16 he attended church with a friend who had become a Christian.  After the service he had a powerful experience with God, which left a strong impression on him for the years to come. Despite this he quickly fell away back to his old ways.

In his early 20’s he was working on the oil rigs and making good money. His life however was still full of darkness, and he felt trapped in an endless cycle of sin, unable to break free. During this time his experience with God when he was 16 kept coming back to mind. He eventually surrendered his life to Christ when God showed him that a life without God was one of hopelessness.

Guy still works on the oil rigs, but also believes that God has called him to serve Him in ministry too. As a result he is the N.E. Scotland Representative for Ebeneezer Operation Scotland. Ebeneezer helps Jewish people get back to Israel through a variety of support. Throughout the years he has traveled to various countries such as Russia and Ukraine, taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.

Guy shared a short Gospel presentation at the end of the meeting, challenging people to accept Christ and know God as Father. A number of people were prayed for afterwards.