The November Outreach Dinner was held on Monday 5th November at the National Christian Outreach Centre, with Craig Stewart from Perth as the guest speaker. Craig is a member of Perth Christian Fellowship, and is employed as a Prison Officer. He told of growing up in a good family, but getting involved in recreational drugs, alcohol and fighting. At work he was responsible for organising the nights out, having a reputation for being ‘a bit of a lad’.

As a result of his reckless living his first marriage broke up, leaving him with just his daughter. While at a parents’ discussion evening he met the woman who would become his current wife, Yvonne, and began seeing her on a regular basis. Yvonne was a Christian, yet never forced her beliefs on Craig. While he was at her home he would notice a Bible on the coffee table, pick it up and flick through it. He noted that parts of it had been underlined and highlighted, and started reading them.

Over time he was drawn more and more to God’s Word. A bicycle accident resulted in him being off work for three months, giving him all the time he needed to read the Bible more thoroughly, and so he came to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Going back to work, Craig told his colleagues that he had become a Christian, and that he was giving up his old ways. Since then he has been used by God in prison to pray for prisoners and share the gospel with many.