Are you seeking God’s next step for you?

Are you looking for an opportunity to grow in faith?

Working Departments

As part of a busy team you could help keep our operation at the National Christian Outreach Centre rolling, from first contact at reception to co-ordinating conferences and events, learning skills in personnel, finance and programme planning.

You could develop your desktop publishing and graphic design skills, learn illustration and 2d animation, 3d animation, motion graphics, video editing and multi-media presentations!

You could be part of the IT Team and learn general IT skills, scripting and help develop database applications.

You could learn practical skills, e.g. painting and decorating, carpentry, plumbing.  Or you could be helping in our vehicle workshop to keep our fleet of exhibition buses and transport vehicles on the road taking teams out on mission.

You could learn how to co-ordinate and run conference bookings, dealing with groups using our premises, or you could train to work in a professional kitchen.  You might learn the running of a successful on site restaurant and book/gift shop.


You could be part of the team’s leading praise & worship and prayer at Services, outreach events and out on mission.

You could help at our Drop-In centre for those struggling with addictions and substance abuse or those in refuge.  Or you could be part of teams in our Community Safe Bus in the city centre every weekend from 10pm-2am

You could join in with all of the events which help improve the quality of life for older people in Perthshire and beyond.

You could be a member of a mission team taking the Gospel out to communities across Scotland, including the Highlands and Islands.

You could join the upbeat team sharing the Gospel with teenagers.

As a member of the children’s team working in schools you could learn the use of multi-media presentations in converted exhibition double decker buses.

As part of our Burning Issues Drama Group you could work with professionally trained actors, you could design and build theatre sets.  Or you might learn the art of being a puppeteer with the Puppets with a Mission Team.

Do you want to discover your gifts and acquire new skills?

Do you want to grow as a leader and as a disciple of Jesus Christ?

Ministry Opportunities

Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to join teams taking the good news of the Gospel around the nation, using neoplan exhibition buses with onboard cinema for Christian films and presentations and separate coffee lounge.

Challenger Education – teaching the foundations of the Christian faith in schools under the `Curriculum for Excellence’, using music and Puppets with a Mission.

Community Buses – working in partnership with Police Scotland and the local Council to provide support and care in town centres, currently at weekends from 10pm – 2am.

Monthly Dinner Meetings – A monthly evangelistic meeting with a guest speaker, hosting on average 150 guests, sharing the Gospel in the context of worship and an evening meal.

A far reaching ministry including Monday Church, Wednesday afternoon Fellowship and Bible Study, twice monthly lunches with a guest speaker, attended by approximately 300 people every month.

Upper Room Choir – our gospel choir is used at events throughout Scotland.

A children’s ministry teaching the Gospel using modern tunes with adapted lyrics.

Our on-site restaurant is a wonderful outreach opportunity, regularly catering for 400 customers per day and our Book and Gift Shop offers Christian books, Bibles, gifts, music and greetings cards for all occasions.

PWAMM Internship Application Form

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