This past Friday we had the pleasure of inviting back Stephen Briggs, executive producer of Hatikvah Films, back with us for a special Friday night meeting at the National Christian Outreach Centre. Stephen taught two sessions, the first one being “The Elephant in the Room”, followed by “The Hope in Surrender”. In session one He identified the elephants in the room as as the issues that the Church seems reluctant to address, such as Brexit and abortion, among others.

In the second session Stephen spoke about the hope we have in God, and that in Hebrew the terms wait and hope can be synonymous, so in effect to wait for the Lord is to hope for the Lord, fully expecting Him to do what He has promised He will do. Our hope comes through surrendering all that we are to God, and waiting in expectancy.

The main theme throughout was God’s call to His people to intercede for the nation. The evening ended with a clear call for God’s people to rise up and intercede for the United Kingdom in these uncertain times, and that He would glorify His name.