ACTS Discipleship

Aiming to strengthen and build up followers of Jesus Christ
to go and fulfill God’s purpose in their lives

Discipleship Camp Programme

The Discipleship Camp teaching sessions aim to provide a comprehensive basis of all that is necessary to operate effectively as a disciple of Jesus Christ in the modern world

Practical Programme

Students are not only involved in the academic side of the ACTS camp, but also in practical service in the work of the wider ministry. This provides valuable experience in the day-to-day aspects of working full-time for the Lord


Closely linked with the ministry of PWAMM is that of the associated church, Perth Christian Fellowship. All Discipleship Camp students are expected to attend church services and meetings, and have the opportunity to join other church activities

Field Trips

Organised field trips on Saturdays have proved very popular with students. Many of these are simply for fun, while others combine fun with cultural experiences of Scotland or history of Scotland


As far as possible, students are placed in homes of families within the church. This allows the student greater experience of normal family life within Scottish culture. Great friendships between students and their hosts have been forged this way

What is Provided?

PWAMM provide accommodation, 3 meals per day and daily transport to & from school/work at no additional cost to the student

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