Scotland’s Christian Heritage

Our “Scotland’s Christian Heritage” Exhibition is located in the
National Christian Outreach Centre (NCOC)

Developed Display Area

It began in 2008 as a single display board commemorating Scottish men of faith who trusted the God of revival. It has now developed into a much fuller exhibition area, providing more in-depth information and using modern technology to keep people informed about these important aspects of Scotland’s history

Can Be Seen By Anyone

Customers of the Mustard Seed Coffee Shop and Book Shop, as well as attendees of conferences, or people just passing through the Centre, can browse the various displays to discover something of Scotland’s rich Christian history and heritage

Men such as John Knox, Robert Murray McCheyne, and James Renwick have all had a profound impact on the nation of Scotland. They were used by God to expand the influence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to strengthen the Church at their particular time in history. Biographical images and messages about them, and many other Scots Worthies, can be found in the Exhibition area, as well as around the whole NCOC

A History of Revival

One of the walls of the exhibition is the “Scotland Revival Timeline”. It provides comprehensive information concerning times and places in Scotland where revivals are known to have occurred. A cursory glance at the board shows that dozens of communities have experienced revival; not only hundreds of years ago, but also in more recent history


The Bible’s Important Role

The Bible itself plays an important role in Scotland’s past, with the Scottish King, James VI, authorising a version of the Bible to be translated, and read by all people – The King James Bible. Time Magazine described it thus: “Simply put, the Bible is the most influential book ever written”. Part of the exhibition includes a 10-minute video detailing a timeline of the Bible, from 300 BC to modern day

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