People With A Mission Ministries (PWAMM) is a Christian organisation, based in the city of Perth, which is dedicated to sharing the love of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the nation of Scotland.  PWAMM’s principal purpose is to reach out with the core message of Jesus Christ in the villages, towns and communities throughout the country. The ways in which we accomplish this are many and varied, as explained in the WHAT WE DO section of the website.

In Perth itself, we try to express the love of God to as many as we can reach in the community – from mums with young children to senior citizens, from those with substance abuse issues to local businessmen – through a variety of different ministries.  When we are invited into a location further afield, we don’t presume that we can do this on our own or that we know best. Rather, we work with local churches, assisting them to make Christ known using the many resources available to us.

MinistriesWith in excess of 60 staff and many volunteers as well, there is a high level of passion and commitment to the vision of PWAMM. Some have sacrificed highly lucrative careers to join PWAMM. Others have come direct from school or college, feeling compelled to follow God’s call on their lives and seeking to be part of what the Lord is doing in Scotland.

Founders and directors of the work, Mervyn & Jane Milne, typify the dedication and zeal towards the ministry, doing all as unto the Lord.