Showing God’s Love Practically

Displaying the love of God in the community through practical means.

How Do We Care for the Community?

Through the Community Care aspect of People with a Mission Ministries, we aim to be a practical help in the local community. This comes in a variety of ways, from providing food hampers to needy families, caring for the senior community, and giving support and advice to those struggling with addictions.

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Joseph’s Storehouse

Helping disadvantaged families with important practical
and social support through food parcels and other help

A Practical Ministry

A very practical ministry, demonstrating the love of Jesus by providing groceries to those in the community who are in need. This can build bridges to families who would otherwise have no contact with Christians. Tins of food, biscuits, toilet rolls, toothpaste are the kind of items in parcels being distributed to those who approach us for help, or those in need that we become aware of.

A Point of Contact

This immensely down-to-earth ministry is a constant reminder that there’s more to evangelism than preaching the gospel. There has to be a point of contact with people; something that will persuade them that what we have to say concerning the gospel of Jesus Christ is real.

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Challenger Community Outreach

Showing the love of God in practical ways

Local Outreach

The Community Outreach Buses are designed to operate within specific neighbourhoods on a regular basis, building up relationships with people in that local community, providing a hub where local people can come to talk, or get support if needed. It can work like a mobile ‘drop in’ facility.

Into the World

These buses can also be located in town centres late at night where young people congregate, especially at weekends. This is another method whereby the Church can “go into all the world and preach the Gospel”, rather than waiting for the world to knock on its front door.

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Challenger Community Outreach?

Senior Citizens’ Ministry

Improving the quality of life for Senior Citizens in Perthshire,
especially those living on their own, or in Sheltered Housing and Residential Homes.

Free Monthly Lunches

Once a month Senior Citizens’ Lunches are served in the National Christian Outreach Centre in Riggs Road.  About 100 attend on Tuesdays and 150 attend Wednesdays.  Many local people attend these events and transport is provided for those who need help.

Christmas Gift Bags

In the 11 years since it began, our Christmas Gift Bag Appeal has reached over 11,000 people. We work closely with the Perth and Kinross Community Team in identifying those most in need.

Nursing Home Visits

Every Sunday afternoon services are held in local nursing homes.  The Senior Citizens’ Team visit a total of six nursing homes on a regular basis each month.  Similar services also take place in three sheltered housing units throughout the month.  This is followed by tea/coffee and a time of fellowship.

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Challenger Education

Aiming to help schools with RME
within the Curriculum for Excellence

What it is

A free resource to Scottish Schools that helps teach the subject of Christianity within the framework of the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). We explain something of what Christians believe, with a particular emphasis on Scottish Christians in history who have had significant influence within a community or nation.

How it works

A variety of presentations are available, each designed to achieve a number of “Experiences and Outcomes” specified within the CfE. Appropriate levels of content and subject matter are selected for each class, with our presenters pitching the programme at the age-appropriate level.

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