Taking the Gospel to Scotland

Our mandate for evangelism comes from the words of Jesus –
“Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation”.
We aim to be faithful to this.

How Do We Communicate the Gospel?

As a ministry, God has blessed us with a variety of ways to reach out into the communities of Scotland with the Gospel. From feature-length dramas, two-course dinners and week long bus missions, the Gospel is going out across the land.

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Challenger Outreach

Using converted exhibition buses to take the Gospel
of Jesus Christ into the communities of Scotland.

Today’s Technology

The central concept with Challenger Outreach is to take the Gospel message to today’s generation using today’s technology. Challengers 1 & 2 were part of PWAMM’s armoury for many years, taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people. The Challenger Bus ministry moved on dramatically with the launch of Challengers 3 & 4.

Gospel Presentations

Visitors to the Challenger bus will be shown professional, multimedia Gospel presentations which will challenge people to consider the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kids’ Missions

Challenger teams take the bus into communities around Scotland for children’s work. For Primary age children week-long Bible clubs are held on the bus; activities include singing, games, crafts and Bible stories. 

Working with local churches

Working with local churches is paramount in the the Challenger Ministry. The Challenger team will take the bus to work with congregations around the country who have a desire to see their community reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Working alongside your team

Evangelism is a daunting thought to many Christians, so we do not just park the bus and expect you to get on with it. Our team, who ‘know the ropes’ of the Challenger Bus, and have experience in using it with the public, would come to work alongside members of your church in inviting people to come on board and see a Gospel presentation, and discuss the claims of Jesus Christ.

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Puppets with a Mission

Using fun, high energy puppet shows with catchy songs
to communicate the Gospel to kids and adults.

Fun Parodies

Puppets with a Mission use recognisable, modern tunes with the lyrics adapted to communicate the Gospel. Obviously, children love watching puppets – as do many adults, though they may not admit it. At events such as Highland Games, the puppet team quickly attract a large crowd with the catchy music and the lively engaging characters.

Puppet Club

As well as performing, there is a kids puppet “club” The puppets were so popular that many children expressed an interest in learning about puppetry. Once a month some of the adult team share their skills in teaching the children how to develop their puppet technique.

Puppet Show

Many kids from a non-church background are involved. They put together a programme and arrange events for friends and family to come. These popular shows not only showcase the skill that the kids have learned, but both the children and their families hear something of the love of God through the songs and stories that “the puppets” tell.

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Upper Room Singers

Not a traditional church choir. Predominantly an outreach ministry,
involved in a variety of evangelism campaigns.

Not a traditional choir

The Upper Room Singers are not a traditional church choir, in that they don’t have a “slot” in the Sunday service when they sing while everyone else listens. It is predominantly an outreach ministry, involved in evangelism campaigns of various sorts.

Song Choice

The choice of songs is all-important, not only from the musical perspective, but in terms of getting the message of salvation to the people. There are many who will not come to church or attend outreach meetings, but who will listen to a choir.

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Burning Issues Drama

Using energetic, witty sketches and full-length productions
to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Energetic, witty sketches

Established in June 2003, the group adds another dimension to outreach within the ministries of PWAMM, using energetic, witty sketches and full length dramatic productions to communicate the Gospel.

Written material

Much of the material produced is written by members of the group themselves, supplemented by sketches from other Christian writers from around the world.

Capturing People’s Attention

While the principle style is comedy they also perform more poignant pieces. All are designed to be thought provoking, and to point the audience to Christ.

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Outreach Dinners

Monthly Fellowship Dinner Outreach meetings,
with a two-course meal and special guest speaker.

The Format

Each month, we arrange an outreach dinner at the NCO Centre. A two-course dinner is laid on by the catering team, with tea and coffee served afterwards. This is followed by a short time of praise, after which a guest speaker tells us how they came to know Jesus as their Saviour, and what a difference He has made in their lives.

Different Story, Same Message

Sometimes humorous, sometimes fascinating, sometimes heart-wrenching – the variety in people’s testimonies is incredible, but the basic message is constant. There came a point in each life where they recognised their need to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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